QUACK-XT Mission: Dev Team Personal $$$ up in flame

XT Crew error caused launch failure & crash!

Dear QUACK Family,
We all had a very high expectation and anticipation for XT listing. We are truly sorry that the results are not as expected. But don’t worry, We only spent our own pocket money for this listing and not a dime from QUACK marketing wallet that is how deep we are invested in this project. Luckily, we lined up CoinMarketCap partnership after XT listing. Kinda save us from massive dump after XT flop.

This past month, the team have been busy building the QUACK platform (Dev Update soon), making deals with CMC, strategizing and working to build our Chinese community prior to the listing. Hoping that we will be prepared to welcome massive in-flow of members from BTOK 10M users, to get the same results and exposure that every other projects got from BTOK Screen Loader Ads.

As you all may aware, QUACK XT listing and BTOK ads didn’t really boost QUACK price. Some of you may ask why? what happened?

We are not blaming anybody, it’s just a streak of bad luck that literally put team money up in flame. Here are some technical difficulties during QUACK >< XT Listing, Let me sum this up:

XT Listing price glitch: XT set the price of 1000K QUACK for the price of 1 QUACK. Price up 200,000+%. Potentially scaring away new investors from buying QUACK and getting them into thinking that we are no more than another pump and dump scheme. They promise us to make official announcement, but still nothing.

BTC volatility, crashing from $49,000 to $46,000 on the first 2 days of our listing.

QUACK-BTOK AMA was also not working well. We were promised a translator, and no one translated for Zach during the AMA. BTOK also set up the bot, so the English questions were banned. No one get to ask anything.

No one translated Zach AMA. I guess some of the Chinese who bought QUACK earlier get really pissed about how we handle the AMA.

To make things worst, admins for the BTOK group were not responding to the host to unmute for Zach to answer questions. Results? you can guess. We got dumped right after the AMA. (You can check the time to verify this)

One of the DUMP on PCS
Dumped Hard on Hotbit

Lastly, We booked BTOK Screen Loading ads to promote QUACK-XT listing. BTOK Screen Loading Ads was supposed to be the BIG Thing, QUACK in front of 10M eyes who see our ads when they open the APP.

They did not informed us at all. They changed Screen loading ads to Regular Banner Ads on Discover tab, on the 3rd slide! We asked them to make it right, but turns out BTOK no longer sell screen loading ads. 🤯 🤯 🤯

CoinMarketCap to the Rescue
Fortunately, we lined up something else to surprise everyone. Official Partnership with CoinMarketCap to launch The first Price Prediction Contest on CMC. QUACK is giving away $17,500 for lucky participants!

We got featured on CMC homepage for almost a week, Coin Market Cap blast their 2.5M+ users email, Tweet to 2.6M Followers (3x) and share about QUACK to their 300K+ Facebook page.

Visit this link for more info: https://coinmarketcap.com/alexandria/article/coinmarketcap-token-price-prediction-event-quack

We worked so hard for this listing. Spending more than 6 figures without getting any impact for the community really hurt us. Shit happens but at least something went right! We gain a lot of new members from CMC and manage to “hang in there” for now. One thing is for sure, we will not give up! Let’s keep fighting with us! QUACK Together STRONG! See you at the top!

Join us

Website: https://www.RichQuack.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/richquack

Medium: https://medium.com/@richquack

Telegram Community: https://t.me/richquack

Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/getrichquack

Discord: https://discord.gg/madYcV4GNV



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